Four Days to First Half Marathon!

My first half marathon is four days away!  I’m running the Bear Chase Race trail half marathon on Sunday in Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood, CO.  I’m a little torn on my feelings for it.  On the downside, I feel very over-fed and under-trained for it.  I wasn’t able to run nearly as much […]

Shamma Warrior Sandals

Check these sandals out.  Pretty cool.  Even cooler is that I won them!  Yes, me.  The guy who never wins anything won these through a giveaway at a blog I follow.  So, a big thanks to Jeff over at Barefoot Inclined.  I’m not going to write a review of these, just a few thoughts, but […]

Zero drop shoes

I’ve posted about how I’ve changed my running style to be more of a mid- to forefoot striker (see that post here).  In the process, I also picked up some zero drop and low drop running shoes.  For anyone who may not know, the drop of a running show is the difference, in millimeters, between […]