Status check – June, 2016

I thought I’d post status reports for the next few months.  My focus over the past few months has been on weight loss, thinking that I’ll be much better able to focus on running, cycling and strength improvements when I’m hauling around less weight.  I don’t really have a target weight, I’m just going to continue doing what I’m doing until I stop losing weight.  So, now that I’m seeing real progress, I thought I’d post a few progress reports and see how my exercise and weight levels compare to the previous year, and how they looked over the month.  Here’s a spoiler – I’m exercising less, eating more and losing weight!  I started working out regularly and eating better back in early 2014. I don’t have an exact weight from back then, although I’m pretty sure it was over 255 lbs.  But, being anal about data like I am (once I started recording it), I do know that last June, I hit 250 pounds on several days.  So, I’m going to use that as my “starting weight” from here on out.  That seems pretty reasonable, since I hovered around there for so long and I know I creeped above it a few times later in the year.

Checking out my notes, here’s what I see.  In June, 2015 I peaked at 250 lbs., with my average for the month being 248 lbs.  On June 1, 2016 I weighted 224 lbs. for a loss of 26 lbs. over the year.  Note, though, that wasn’t a year of weight loss, as I really only started losing weight in late February of this year, when I started eating smarter.

Over the month, I ran 18 miles and rode 80.  In June of 2015, I ran 16 miles and cycled 92 miles.  I weighed 217 on June 30th, for a loss of 7 pounds in the month, which is a total of 33 pounds for the year.  It jumps out at me that I ran just a little more and rode a little less, but lost more weight this month that I did a year ago.  In fact, last June, my weight only fluctuated from 247 to 250 over the month, so I really didn’t lose anything as I was just maintaining my “normal” weight.  But this month, with less exercise, I lost 7 pounds.  I can only attribute that to eating better.  So, if anyone reads this and is looking for the top secret weight loss formula, this is it:  YOUR DIET!

Also, I did another MAF test (previous test here) and ran a mile at my target heart rate of 132 in 12:25, which is definitely slower than last time.  I didn’t do a lot of MAF training this month, but I did try to keep at least half of my running at MAF heart rate and tried to keep it down during my bike commutes.  That’s interesting.

And, as for my new goal of having at least one human powered commute per month for a year, this month I rode my bike to work 6 times and run/walked home twice.  Not very impressive for June in Colorado, but oh well.