Status check – July, 2016

Weight loss wasn’t very impressive this month. I started the month at 217 lbs. and ended up at 219 lbs. An increase, but nothing big. I’m still at a 30+ lbs loss since July of 2015, so I’m fine with that. I don’t think that I’ve hit my balance point, I think that hovering a little below 220 has more to do with getting sidetracked with a lot more carbs than usual this month. I had relatives visiting which resulted in more beer and wine drinking that usual, and then a couple of other family events that led to eating ice cream and cheesecake and other assorted goodies. And, even as disciplined as I’ve tried to be, I don’t mind getting off track now and then. Even though I am convinced that processed foods are terrible for me, a lot of them are pretty darned tasty! And, even if it does affect my weight loss for me to eat some, that’s no big deal. I think eating that stuff occassionally and not worrying about it is a lot healthier than either A) being anxious and beating myself up over it or B) trying to completely eliminate it and eventually falling off the wagon and making it a part of my normal diet again.

I got up over 220 during the month, but easily dropped back down after getting back on track. I suspect August will be different when I’m back to my “new normal” without so much deviation, but we’ll see how that goes. If I end up in this neighborhood as my normal weight range, that will be fine, too. Like I said, it’s still over 30 lbs less than my maximum.

Exercise was pretty good this month. Signing up for the half marathon definitely caused a spike in my running numbers. I ran pretty regularly, including a couple of commutes from work. I also rode to work a couple of times. Mileage-wise, I rode my bike 26 miles and ran 54 miles. That’s compared to 143 cycling miles and 19 running miles in July, 2015. I still need to make more effort to get more body-weight exercise sessions in, though. I did a few sessions with planks, push-ups, cruches, squats, calf raises, etc., but not nearly as much as I wanted to.

Last week’s training for the half marathon went well. I planned 16.5 miles over three runs and ended up right at 17 miles. The first run of the week was a bit short, but I went a little longer on the 2nd. The long run on the weekend was a little over 8.5 miles, mostly on trails. The long run had about 1,200 feet of climbing, which is about 500 feet more than the race. So, while I haven’t worked any formal hill repeats into my schedule, at least I’m getting the climbing in.

I also did a MAF test during a run.  It was while I was away on a business trip, so it wasn’t on my normal track. or in my normal weather – I’m used to moderate heat and dry, but is was hot and humid.  And about 3,000 lower in elevation.  Anyway, I ran a mile at my MAF heart rate in 11:54.  That’s 30 seconds shorter than last month and about 10 seconds faster than my previous fastest time.