Here are a few of the places that I got the information that I used to help change my diet and exercise routines. Just a list and a few summaries of my thoughts. If you’re interested, check a few of them out and make your own decisions. Or shoot me an email and we can chat. Keep in mind, though, I’m not a nutritionist, dietician, food scientist, elite athlete, sports medicine guy, etc. and I never played one on TV. I’m just a guy who took in the information and applied it to my situation. I’m the one in an experiment of one.

Sites, podcasts, blogs, etc:

  • Paleo Runner – Pretty interesting podcast. Despite the name, I haven’t heard more than a handful of his podcasts that actually focus on running.  They are a wide cross section of nutrition, general health, overall fitness, etc.  So, even if you’re not a runner, give it a go.  I haven’t seen a new episode in awhile, but he’s got a lengthy history to work through.  He also has/had a another one called Low Mileage Running, which went for about 10 episodes.  Again, I haven’t heard a new one since mid-2015, but still good stuff to listen to.
  • Trail Runner Nation – Just a great and entertaining podcast focusing on trail running, but especially relevant to the exercise and nutrition aspects when their guest is Phil Maffetone, Steve Gangemi – The Sock Doc, or Tim Noakes.
  • Fat Burning Man – The “Wild Diet” guy from the tv show “My Diet is Better Than Yours”
  • Primal Blueprint – The product page for Primal Blueprint. Here your can check out their products and books. And, they have two podcasts – one focused on the primal lifestyle in general and another focused on endurance training without the high intensity cardio and high carbohydrate fueling.
  • Mark’s Daily Apple – Information from the author of The Primal Blueprint.
  • The Domestic Man – Tasty recipes from a Paleo-ish cookbook author. One recipe per week on his RSS feed.
  • Dr. Phil Maffetone – Not a terribly active blog, but there is a lot of good information on his Maximum Aerobic Function formula. Worth a look.
  • Back of the Pack Endurance –  The podcast summary reads, “For the slow, the over weight, the once bringing up the rear of the race…”, which sounds awesome to me!  A couple of big guys bringing in the tail end of the race.  A lot of triathlon discussion, which doesn’t do much for me, but still a lot of other good stuff.  I’m still listening to earlier episodes, but by looking ahead it appears that the podcast may have just recently ended, so no new episodes once I get caught up.  But, one of the hosts has another site called Fat Slow Triathlete, which I haven’t had a chance to check out.
  • The Paleo Solution Podcast – Good information on this podcast.  I started on episode 1 and have listened to the first dozen or so episodes so far.  Good info, but a little long and more in-depth and cross fit focused than I’m interested in.  Still a good resource, just not one that’s in my daily playlist.
  • United States Department of Agriculture

Books (links to Amazon):