Salsa Horsethief

Being the gear junky that I am, now that I’ve gotten back into mountain biking, I quickly decided to get a new bike.  This was for a couple of reasons, first to change over to a full suspension rig and to get a bike that fit a little better.  Even though my hardtail is pretty comfortable, it is a little small for me.

So, I’ve had this bike for a few months now and really have no complaints.  I don’t have much to compare it to as far as other full suspension bikes, of course.  But, I did ride quite a few bikes prior to buying this one…Specialized, Ibis, Giant, Santa Cruz, Niner, etc.  This one was the most comfortable in the parking lots and I’ve been very happy with it on the trails since I bought it.  The other two contenders were the Giant Trance 2 29er and the Santa Cruz Tallboy.  I’ve heard a lot about rear suspension “squish” when climbing and/or really mashing the pedals.  This bike doesn’t have much, if any, of that.  Whether that is a factor of the “Split Pivot” design or having the rear suspension correctly set up I don’t know (or care, really).  It definitely had less than any other bike I test rode.  Of course, some shops spent more time setting the bikes up for test rides than others.

Related to the bike, if anyone in the Denver metro area is interested in this model and wants to take a look at it, I highly recommend stopping by Big Kahuna Bicycles in Littleton, CO.  Very low pressure, no bike snobbery and very patient and helpful in answering questions.  Of course, they also carry other brands and will work on anything…give them a look if you are searching for a shop.  No, I don’t work there or get anything from them.  Other than being the fat guy who took so much of their time, I’m sure they don’t even remember me.