Four Days to First Half Marathon!

My first half marathon is four days away!  I’m running the Bear Chase Race trail half marathon on Sunday in Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood, CO.  I’m a little torn on my feelings for it.  On the downside, I feel very over-fed and under-trained for it.  I wasn’t able to run nearly as much as I had hoped and the last few weeks have been fairly stressful, so I’m not feeling entirely rested going into the weekend, either.  But, I did get a couple of 11.5 mile runs/walks in, so I’m feeling pretty good about being able to tack on another 1.5 miles and finish this thing.  I just won’t finish it quickly or comfortably!  I still have a pretty modest goal of 3 hours.  I’m glad I didn’t target anything faster!

But, on the other hand, I feel good about it when I look at how far I’ve come to this point.  A year ago, I wouldn’t have even considered signing up for this.  I’m in so much better shape now that it is a little exciting just to be able to go into knowing that I can finish it. I wish I was going into it better prepared, but I am happy just to be able to do it now.  I may have to reflect on that a little more AFTER the race!

Shoe-wise, I’m going with either my oldest pair of Altra Lone Peaks, the 2.0 model, or the 2.5 model.  I’ll probably decide that morning, but I’m currently leaning toward the 2.0.  They have never given me a problem and the 2.5’s just seem a little off for me.  Something about them just isn’t quite right.