Fartleks – Am I real runner if I do them?!

A fartlek run, in addition to just being plain fun to say, is an unstructured run where you alternate harder efforts with easier efforts over a fairly long distance.  For example, you could run easy for a couple of minutes, then do a short sprint, then slow back down to recover for your next faster effort.  I suppose the “real” runners that use this are actually running the entire time, but I’m thinking I may start calling my general disaster of a running workout a fartlek.  I run for awhile, then I walk.  Then I run for bit, then accidentally go too fast and get winded, then I walk.  And so on it goes.  And, I don’t go very far.  So, probably not quite what the running illumnati have in mind for a proper fartlek, but I’m going with it.  And, if I do fartleks, I must be a real runner!  Yay me!