Colorado Beer Weekend!

I got to spend some time in Colorado’s wonderful San Luis Valley recently. It was a working weekend, but on the way I home I made a couple of stops for growler fills. First, was Three Barrel Brewing in Del Norte. I hadn’t been there since before they moved to their new location right on the highway on the west side of town. It’s a great

Hop Trash IPA from Three Barrel Brewing Company
The words are small but read, “Plain and simple, trash can loads of several different hops dumped in at just the right moment.”

location and the new building looks awesome. Much bigger than than their old location a couple of blocks away. Anyway, one of my favorite beers for the last few years has been their Hop Trash IPA. Definitely not the hoppiest of IPA’s, but I’m starting to lean away from wanting the most hoppy beer I can find. I’ve also tried their Trashy Blonde blond ale, Burnt Toast brown ale and some of their sours. All great and highly recommended. If you are in the area, it’s worth a stop.

Del Norte, CO's "D" Mountain
The “D” on the hill behind Del Norte, CO.

I also stopped by Elevation Beer Company in Salida.  Which, by the way, had the nicest beertender I’ve talked with in awhile. It’s a little off the beaten track, so even if you are in Salida (a little off the track to begin with), you have to go off the track further to find it. It’s in the Salida industrial park, which is west of Wal-Mart, near the highway 50/285 intersection. Look for the blue signs off of the highway. I tried some of their beers at the Ullrgrass beer and music fest in 2016. I went with their pilsner for the growler fill. As much as I like IPA’s, I really don’t think you can go wrong with a good pils. Of course, good is the operative word and I’ve tried more that weren’t than were over the years. This one definitely is, although I only had a taster before filling up. I hope it travels well and still tastes as good as it did at the brewery.