Austin, TX

So, I visited Austin, TX a couple of weeks ago for a conference.  I wouldn’t trade here for there, but it was perfect timing, as I left this:

Snow on the deck.
Spring in Denver, CO

And arrived to this:

Texas Capital Building
Spring in Austin, TX

I didn’t have a lot of sightseeing time, but it was still a fun trip.  I’ll mark Austin as a city that I’d like to see more of, for sure.  Exercise wise, I got out for a couple of runs and a bike ride.  I ran on the trail that goes around Lady Bird Lake a couple of times.  The lake is on the Colorado River, which is dammed to form the lake.  There’s a nice path alongside the lake – sometimes paved, sometimes dirt, but never technical.  I started just south of The Four Seasons hotel and ran west-ish.  There are a couple of bridges that you can use to adjust your distance as needed.  I went to the fourth bridge, which is highway 1, the MoPac Expressway.  I crossed the river there and came back to the Congress Avenue bridge, which came to about 6 miles.  One day was less, and another was more, based on my “exploring” (ie, getting lost) in the Zilker Metropolitan Park.  And, as a bonus, the trail was nice and flat!  A total of 60 feet of climbing!  I sure can’t find that anywhere near where I normally run!  I’d definitely recommend this trail system.  It’s pretty nice with plenty of options to get whatever length of run you want.  Incidentally, if you go this route and find yourself at the Congress Avenue bridge around sunset, stop and watch the bats.  If you like bats, that is.  I do, and it was cool.  Austin Bats.

I also had some pretty good food.  Mostly it was a lot of meat (go Texas!), catered stuff related to the conference, but I also ate at Hopdoddy Burger Bar  which was excellent.  I had never heard of them before, but when I returned a coworker told me that they have a location here in Denver.  Cool!  It’s near Union Station, which sucks because I avoid downtown Denver like the plague, but also good because it’s a nice distance to ride my bike to and feel a little better about myself for the large meal and required beer.  Speaking of, I had to try some local beer, so I had a flight (plus some extras) at a local brewhouse called Uncle Billy’s .  I tried several of their beers.  They were all pretty good – I especially enjoyed the Green Room IPA and the Dubbel Coffee Porter.

Beer in Austin, TX
Beer in Austin, TX