Active fun coming up

Just some events coming up that could lead to some good exercise:

The Denver Rugged Maniac obstacle course race is coming up on August 6th at the Thunder Valley moto-cross track.  I’ve done this event twice, in 2014 and 2016.  It’s a good time, for sure.  It’s much more fun to do with a partner or small group than solo.  If you’re looking at this as a first OCR, give it a try!  All of the obstacles are very doable, but also easy to skip with no penalty or verbal abuse from the crowd.  It would take a long time to finish if you plan to walk it, but you could.  One good thing is that waves start every 15 minutes, so you’ll immediately be caught up in a crowd and never feel like you’re coming in last.  Unless you start in the last wave and really are DFL!

The City of Lakewood (Colorado) puts on a trail running series at Bear Creek Lake Park in September, one race every Wednesday evening..  I haven’t done any, but hope to do at least one this year.  Check it out here.