Active fun coming up

Just some events coming up that could lead to some good exercise:

-The Denver metro area Bike to Work Day is on Wednesday, June 22, 2016.  Register or read about it here.

-Today, June 1, 2016, is Global Running Day!  Put on your sneakers and take a little run.  I’m dragging the family out for a mile and they are HAPPY about it!  Earn a cool digital trophy/badge on Strava for running 1K today.  If you’re just starting to track your exercise there, that may be the easiest badge you can earn.  Make a pledge (no money!) to run today at Global Running Day‘s website or their Facebook page.  If you are really fired up, check out Brooks’ Global Running Day page to print a bib, find a local group run or post a picture.  #globalrunningday