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Welcome.  My name is Kelly, and this blog is simply a place for my thoughts as I attempt to re-insert physical fitness into my life after a 15-ish year absence.  I’m a happily married dad in my mid 40’s and haven’t been very active for several years.  I’ve always been more on the thicker than the thinner side, but as I’ve gotten older and more sedentary, I’ve seen my weight creeping up.  Most recently over 250 pounds!  I don’t know that I’ll ever get back below 200 again, but 200 is my general target neighborhood.

I’m hoping that this blog will have something for others like me.  Those of us that aren’t elite athletes, don’t want to be elite athletes and just want get some exercise and improve our health.  Maybe someone can get a good tip or two here to help them get started or continue getting back into shape.

I’ve always enjoyed hiking and backpacking and that is the one thing that I’ve continued to do through the years.  But, even that took a back seat to the perfection of my couch sitting technique.  I can count on my fingers the number of long hikes or backpacking trips I’ve taken in any one of the last ten years.  I used to mountain bike quite a bit, too, but after a nice rig of mine got stolen, I languished while finding a replacement and then hardly used either of the bikes I’ve had since.  Running has always been a chore for me.  Even while in the military when I was running daily, it didn’t really stick as something I wanted to do.  And not much else has gotten me moving over the years.  But, starting in November, 2013, I increased my fitness routine.  During the rest of that winter, I played racquetball a couple times per week and ran some on an indoor track.  Weather permitting, I tried to run or bike at least twice per week.  We’ll see how this all works out and hopefully will be able to increase my frequency or distance as time goes on.