A few interesting links

Interesting links

Here are a few good links I came across recently.  Some are a little old, but good information never goes out of style!

Why Training Your Tendons Is Important (and 11 Ways to Do It) at Mark’s Daily Apple.  Article about working on your tendons.  Interesting.  Whodathunkit?

Here’s a Primal Blueprint podcast from March 1, 2016 interviewing Peter Osborne.  Pretty interesting interview, talking a lot about the guy’s book called No Grain, No Pain. I’m not a radical anti-grain guy, but I generally agree that we humans can do pretty darned well for ourselves without eating grains.  I know what my results have been after removing grains from my diet and can’t see any reason to add them back in.

Here’s a podcast from Fat Burning Man talking with Josh Axe about Stevia.  It’s a couple of years old now, but still has some good information in it.  They talk about some other things than Stevia – workout nutrition, etc.

Here’s another Fat Burning Man episode, this time talking with Steven Eisenberg.  Eisenberg is an oncologist in California who apparently has made a bit of a name for himself by spending a lot of non-medical quality time with his patients – playing music, writing songs, meditating, etc.  Wow! I usually feel special if my doc takes an extra few seconds to read my name from my file before he comes into the room!

Weighty Matters had a post about conflicts of interest in nutrition.  It was a guest post by a professor at the University of Colorado, Denver.  Here’s another one from Weighty Matters reporting that Slush Puppies provide “Maximum Nutritional Value”.  Apparently, you can find Slush Puppies at schools in the U.S. and Canada nowadays.

Here’s an fun article in Elevation Outdoors magazine called Outdoor D-Bags.  I’ll add a bit to the “Social Media Maven” section and add the people that included every possible permutation of their tags:  #blessed, #runblessed, #runningblessed, #blessedrunner, etc.