Week of 7/18/2016 Training

The plan is that these weekly training summaries will just be a footnote on another post.  But, actually making a plan and following it has turned out to be very interesting for me.  I’m really enjoying comparing my effort to my plan.  Or it may be that I’m just enjoying having something to do with […]

Shadow Mountain Run

I recently took a run up Shadow Mountain just outside of Grand Lake, Colorado.  It’s a great out-and-back trail, about 9.5 miles round-trip with about 1,800 feet of elevation gain.  If you’re not into trail running, it would be a great hike as well.  I’ll break this into two sections, as this was also a […]

I signed up for a half-marathon!

I planned to sign up for the Bear Chase Race 10k this coming September, on the 25th.  This is part of a whole weekend “endurance festival” of 100k, 50k, and 50m trail races on Saturday, then a half marathon and 10k on Sunday.  They call the 10k the “Baby Bear”!  The longest race I’ve done […]